Sunday, February 13, 2011

Week Two (February 7th -13th)

Well nothing exciting to really report on this past week. It’s just been teaching day after day then coming home relaxing and preparing for another day. Working with kids is definitely something that you need patience for.  And I mean A LOT of patience. These kids really know how to test us and push every last button.  I guess it doesn’t help that we have come into a bad situation already. Story behind that is:  last semester the teachers were not happy and really wanted nothing to do with teaching or following curriculum so they let the kids do what they wanted and not really listen to any of the rules. And boom now here we are trying to do our jobs and enforce the rules and actually teach the children and they hate us. That’s right they hate us and want to drop out of the program. Fun right? Not. So we just have to wait it out and continue to do what we have come here to do and just let the children warm back up and realize we aren’t that bad and we really do want to help them.  So yeah this week was definitely a week of trials and just helping each other get through and telling ourselves it will get better it’s only the beginning.  

This experience is definitely something different and I hope it to be even more amazing then I imagined. It’s been hard to be away from and everyone and everything that is so familiar and to hear about how life went on even though I left.  Like things/problems at work haven’t changed, mom and dad are actually doing OK and handling things there without me, grandma and grandpa Bartschi are still actually waiting for the VA money, Jessica is around to talk too and tell me how much she still wants a new job, Crystal and Dustun are still in Texas awaiting any information about what to do with their lives and so on.  I know everyone is thinking about me and wishing me the best so that is the important to always remember. Even though their lives are continuing so is mine and I will have such an amazing story to tell at the end of all this! 

When my roommates and I are all sitting around talking we keep making a mental note about when and how soon do we not only get to go back home to family, but just to America and  to all the things we miss.  Today Sunday February 13th we counted and we will be home in 112 days. We all joked that we should make a paper chain to count the days down. 

This weekend was the first time I did laundry. Ha yeah that was an experience. Washers over here really aren’t washers. They are more like machines you put your clothes in to get wet then they come out and you hang them to dry. And they don’t dry all nice and soft and warm like they do at home. No, they dry all crunchy and you don’t get that wonderful smell of fabric softener!!

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