Monday, February 7, 2011

Day seven (Thursday Feb 3rd)

Day two of teaching! Today I would have more than just kindergarten to teach. I would have an elementary level as well. I will be honest I was not excited and didn’t feel prepared to teach older kids. I was much happier with teaching Kindergarten. Mainly for the fact that Jessica and Lexi had taught these kids on Wednesday and told Maddi and I want a handful they were.  Thursday was just a bad day all around. I just felt so out of it and felt unprepared for everything and felt isolated from everything. So far it was my worst day because I just wanted to cry and be able to talk to family in person.  It’s certainly an adjustment going from living on your own and doing a lot by myself for 5 years to living and being with 5 other people all the time. I’ve always been that person that does better alone and only depending on myself for a lot of things and that was a big reason for me doing this. I wanted to be pushed out of my comfort zone and see what it was like to be around people and have companionship and hopefully friends by the end of this experience.  

Well pity party over, I knew I had to do what I had come all this way to do and teach. It turned out that the elementary class had gone on a field trip so we just had to teach kindergarten.  It was about the same as Wednesday I tried to be a little more forceful and let them know they couldn’t push me and we had some good moments and some bad ones.  But still I wasn’t in the mood for a lot and just wanted the day to end.  It was sad to see that when the kids saw us they were like English, ugg not again. So I hope as we get to know each other better it will start to be an excitement on their faces to see us!  So I went home knowing that Friday was a new day and I had to make it better in order to survive the whole time here.

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