Monday, February 7, 2011

Day six (Wednesday Feb. 2nd)

Wednesday was my first day of school!! How fun right?! Yeah let’s just say certainly a lot of unexpected and expected things occurred in my short little 1 hour 45min time slot. I haven’t had any expectations so far about what I was doing or going to do or about the kids. I’ve learned in life not to have to many or too high of expectations, so I came into this process with an open mind and figured what happens, happens.  These kids really knew that they wanted to test us and see what we could handle and what they could get away with, which is just like any other 5-6 year olds. I was pretty calm throughout the lessons. We start teaching at 4 and do a 15 minute opening just to get the kids settled and put into their groups. Then we take about 5 kids to each of us three teachers. And we teach one group from 4:15 to 4:40, then we all switch groups and teach 4:40-5:05 and then again we switch and go from 5:05-5:30. Then at 5:30 we gather the kids back all together and do a closing til 5:45. So not bad, it’s just a 25 minute teaching slot. I was happy though that our day was done just cause it was the first class done and over with and we could move on and only hope for things to get better as the weeks progress.  

The kids are cute and have such interesting and hard to remember names. Some names are: Artyom, Nakkita, Sonya, Polina, Vadim, Vladimir, Mishka, Kirill, Dasha and Sasha, then there are some like Dennis and Daniel!  So I went home feeling good about what I had done and asked my head teacher what I/we need to improve on and how to get the kids to listen. She said go ahead and be forceful with them. Obviously no hitting, but if we have to raise our voice we were allowed to do that and just let them know you are in charge and we’ll do things over and over again until they realize we weren’t joking.  Good advice that will be easy to follow and help us improve.  So ended day one of teaching, I survived and knew I could go back and do it again Thursday.

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