Sunday, June 12, 2011

Спартак (Spartak) Football Game

This game was amazing. It was more fun to watch the fans and see how devoted they are to their team. The team was really good too. We won 4-0 so obviously they know how to play and play well. Football is one of the biggest sports in Moscow and the Spartak team has won many championships and is very successful so their fans know how to support them. And the fact that there was around 500 military and police officers there just for security was crazy. We had to go through so many security check points I felt like I was going through the airport! But they had a riot the weekend  before and many people were hurt so they wanted to prevent any more fights.

Moscow Zoo

So we were able to go to the Zoo one day before school. It was so fun and it was such a nice day to just be outside and enjoy the nice weather. I felt like a little kid again while I was there I enjoyed looking at all the animals. There wasn't anything spectacular, but we were able to go to a dolphin show and I felt like I was watching  a mini Sea World performance. Those animals are amazing and so are their trainers. It was such a great day! So here are some pictures to enjoy!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sergeiv Posad Monastery

On Saturday May 14th I was able to go to this little Monastery outside of Moscow. We got there by a little train that took around an hour and a half to get to. Once we got there I was really happy because this was the Monastery I wanted to see when Gulya was talking about it in culture class. Mainly because I wanted to see the brightly colored blue and gold domes on the one cathedral. There were a lot of little different churches in the area and it was fun to see all the different architectural styles and colors. I went to one of the little shops and bought me a prayer ring. They are really popular here in Russia and it says, "God protect me. God save me." Or something like that!!! Not really sure what the translation is. But it's cute and I really like it.