Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day three (Sunday Jan 30th)

We woke up and were told we were going to Red Square today with Guliya. What are you serious? We just got here! How cool the first adventure we get is into town to see the famous Red Square.  So we all got ready and headed for the long, cold walk to the bus stop and jumped on the bus and headed our hour trip into town. Once in town we went to McDonalds again just so we could get a bite to eat if we wanted and to let some of the girls use WIFI.  When we ordered we were so happy to see that they had a chart in American so we could just point at what we wanted. So after our break we went to get on the metro! How exciting it was my first time on anything like that. I am so glad we have Alexis as our head teacher because since she was in Ukraine before she came she knows a lot about how to get around on the metro and buses and get us on the right line going the right direction. 

So the metro wasn’t so bad it was just fun and interesting. Not very crowded, I mean there were a lot of people but we weren’t packed like sardines.  It took about 45 minutes to get to our stop and when we got off we met up with everyone else for ILP that is in Moscow. So that was fun to see everyone had survived their first night!  As soon as we stepped out from the metro station it was just beautiful there was no denying that we were in Red Square. The buildings are amazing and so detailed. I just kept wanting to take pictures and look at everything, but then you have to watch were you are walking cause it’s all snowy and icy and I wasn’t going to be the first one to fall! Which I never did!  So Guliya took us right in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral and talk a lot about the history of Red Square and what a lot of the buildings are and their past. We all got a few pictures, but it was definitely cold and so we went inside to a beautiful mall the walk around and get warmed up. After the mall she took us into this really pretty church and the detail work was so amazing I just wanted to video it all so I could remember everything about it. But I was only able to take mental pictures and hope it will last with me for a long time.  After that Guliya said we were on our own to head home or do whatever. So we wanted to walk around the mall some more and I know I just said we were freezing outside but their Gelato looked so good, we just had to get a scoop. And it was really good and cold! So then we all looked at each other and were so tired because we still weren’t used to the time change and not over jet lag that we just wanted to go home.  And so away we went knowing we would definitely have to come back and do the tour of things and explore more. 

Once home we all unpacked a little more and just wanted to chill and get to know each other. Alexis made us some cheddar potato soup (American) and we all ate and talked and did some get to know you questions.  Then a phone call came saying that our suitcases were here and we needed to go meet the driver outside so he knew were to stop.  Oh my gosh we were all so excited and screaming and crying and jumped in our boots and jackets and went outside. Well we waited and waited and no driver so Alexis called Guliya and she said he probably wouldn’t be there till like eleven because traffic was bad. So back inside we went and waited a little more then she called and said he was close so we got ready again and went to wait for our much anticipated suitcases when he got there he pulled mine out and I was never so happy to see a piece of luggage in my whole life. Me and my other roommate got our luggage, but my other roommate who had had two of hers lost never got hers. And the one had all her clothes in it. But all we could do was wait and see when they would bring it. I went to bed happy that night knowing I had all my stuff and could feel complete.  So the missing luggage was returned and all was well!


  1. Amanda, I love your blog!! You are an excellent writer.

  2. It sounds like things are going pretty good. Did your roommate ever get the rest of her luggage? I hope so I'm not sure how cheep things are over there to have to buy enough clothes for 5 months. I like the pictures and your cometary it would be fun to see all that you are seeing right now. I hope you continue to have a great time. Love Aunt Shelley