Monday, February 28, 2011

Wednesday Feb 23rd

So today we had a day off because it was Mens' Day which is a Russian Holiday. School was closed so it was nice to have a day off in the middle of the week. There was a hockey game going on and so half the girls went with the other groups and saw it along with buying our tickets to the Russian Ballet!! Oh yeah we are going to Swan  Lake on April 23rd I can’t wait I’m really excited and just keep thinking how I can’t wait to get all dressed up and go out on the town and see a ballet. It’s also April so the weather should be pretty nice and enjoyable to walk in!

 Anyways they went to the game and Daphne, Maddi and I just took it easy for a bit then got ready and headed into town to go find the souvenir shop. Finding things is always an adventure around here. Mainly because you think that you know where you are going and you use the directions that the last group left hoping they will take you to the right place and then they don’t so you have to just guess and hope for the right outcome. So the directions said to get off on one stop so we did and started looking around and we couldn’t anything that resembled the souvenir market we were looking for. I saw this store looking thing so we decided to go inside and see what it was and get a little warm. Well it was just like an indoor shopping market but it was a lot of food items. And we passed so many little meat counters, and I was looking at things going ‘I know what this is and what that is.’ It brought me back to home for a minute. It’s interesting the way Russian’s shop, things are just so random and seem to be out of place but to them they know what they want and where to find it. 
Once we decided we were at the wrong stop and there was no possible way of backtracking without getting back on the metro we head to the station and waited for the next metro and headed back two stops. When we stepped out from the metro station we knew exactly where the market was and headed straight towards it. It was really, really cold outside and by the time we got to the actual market about 90% of the little stands were closed and gone. So we were only able to look at a few things and kind of get an idea about what we would want and now we know where to go. They had all sorts of fur hats and gloves and jackets and other random items. There were several stands with the nesting dolls and then there were some stands with these eggs and wow they are so pretty.  They open up and have little surprises in them like a sculpture of the cathedrals or something like that.  

Since most everything was gone and we were frozen we headed back to this mall to go inside and warm up and eat our lunches. Once inside we found this food court and I wish I knew Russian better so I could have order something but I was able to just point at the cheesecake and the lady knew what I wanted. Daphne and Maddi were able to get Baskin Robin’s ice cream which they enjoyed very much. Now that we had eaten our lunch and our delicious dessert and warmed up we headed home for a nice relaxing night. 

We made it home way before the other girls so we just got ready for bed and settled in to watch a movie. Watching movies is sort of our thing to help keep us connected to home. Maddi has like 200 or more movies on her USB drive so we have plenty to choose from when we need a break. So all in all it was a good day off and we were able to go and explore on our own and not get lost. I am feeling more comfortable about getting around but it will still take awhile to get everything down pat but hey I still have 3 1/2 months to do it!!

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