Monday, February 7, 2011

Day nine (Saturday Feb. 5th)

WOW can you believe it; I’ve been here for seven days already. It actually has seemed to go by really slow. But now that we are into teaching and we will have cultural and Russian class once a week, one day at the University and two days at the sports complex, time will fly by; along with everything else we want to do. We found out that church is at 9:30 which means we have to leave our bus stop at 6:30 in the morning to account for all the time on buses and metros.  Wow! That’s what I was afraid of. But we all decided we at least wanted to go a few times. We will just see how our Saturday’s turn out and what we feel like on Saturday night then decide if we want to go that week. I did say the weather hasn’t been too bad, but that’s a long time to ride the cold buses and metros with tights and a skirt on! 

So it’s Saturday morning and I’ve been up since 8 writing and just thinking while eating my Russian potato chips and drinking my Russian Fanta drink! Today is just going to be a relax and finally clean our house day and do any laundry then we are headed to Red Square for pizza and just to walk around. It’s so hard to actually clean our place because Russian’s do not believe in vacuums. So everything is swept which it’s hard to sweep off the huge rug that’s on our floor and when it looks like it’s never been cleaned before us! At least our floors are vinyl so they are easy to sweep. 

Red square was awesome at night the way things are lit up is amazing. We were so excited to see it again and take several more pictures. We passed a few theaters and that made us all want to go to the ballet’s and plays more.  I can’t wait to start going into a lot of these places and seeing what they are like inside because if they are this beautiful on the outside the inside has to be even better.  

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