Monday, February 7, 2011

Day ten (Sunday Feb. 6th)

Well we didn’t make it to church this Sunday because we were all so tired from Saturday night. It’s kind of nice to just relax and do nothing but then at the same time it’s really hard because I’m not doing anything and it gives me time to think about everyone and how I miss being in constant contact with them.  And then I sit and think what are they doing? Where are they?  I wish I could be doing something like just watching TV!! It will be weird to come back to the states and do things that seem so normal but will be weird to me.  

All I can say, is I give a lot of praise to Travis and all other missionaries that are gone for two years.  I mean I’m 23 and I still want to be around family, I can’t imagine being 19 and having to leave. You never realize how important people are in your life till you leave them and to look at pictures makes me miss everyone more.  I know my home sickness will go away and eventually I will feel like this is somewhat of a home to me but it’s hard when I’m so much older than everyone and have different interests and ideas about things. I can only give in so much without losing myself.  I know it’s only week one!!  

I probably won’t be writing as much now because my days during the week will pretty much be the same so I’ll just start posting the fun stuff that you all want to know about!!! Love to all :)

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