Monday, May 16, 2011

Swan Lake Ballet!!!

We were able to finally go to the Ballet on April 23rd! It was too Swan Lake. The one ballet I wanted to see even before I came here. We bought tickets about 4 weeks after we got here and I don’t think any of us thought that April would actually come and we would get to go. But it did and we had a blast getting ready. We did the girly girl thing and took a few hours to get ready and hang out. Once we got ready we headed out and we went early since we didn’t know where it was and we were on our own to find it. We got off on the right metro stop but it was finding outside that we had the hard time with.  I was wearing my tall black boots and I hardly made it to the bus stop before they were killing my feet but I toughed it out and told myself I would be fine. But when we had to walk all over trying to find the theatre my feet were telling me it was time to take the boots off and put on flats. When I did I had a blister on each of my little toes and they hurt. So I didn’t care I was just wearing flats because they felt way better and besides when we got inside the theatre not that many people were dressed up like I thought. Some people were in shorts and a nice shirt. Or some people were just in Levis. We kind of felt overdressed from our group but then we decided we didn’t care. I specifically bought my dress for the ballet and I was happy to have taken the time to get all dressed up and have a fun night.

We didn’t take as many pictures as we would have liked but at least we got a few. So enjoy!!  The performance was amazing. And the music, oh the music gave me chills. I just sat and awed at the talent that all those people had. All the dancers and musicians, it didn’t matter whether they had a small part or the leading role everyone was good. Some of the dancers were literally flying through the air. I couldn’t even comprehend how you would get your body up in the air for that long and still land perfectly back on the ground.  The whole performance was just amazing and to say that I went to the Russian Ballet and saw Swan Lake is something I will never forget! 

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