Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Russian Circus

So today we were able to go to the circus. I guess here in Russia the circus is world renowned. But the funny thing is I have never heard of it. At first I didn’t want to go to a circus because I’m not a fan of them and I didn’t think we would go. But then when Gulya asked us a few weeks ago we said sure and I still wasn’t up to going but then when this morning came I was excited. 
Once we got inside we didn’t know where to start. There was little food stands and animals to take pictures with and it smelled like popcorn! The first picture booth we came to was that of a monkey. I about dyed, I have always wanted to hold a monkey and to get a picture with one would have been cool to. But the more I looked at the monkey the creepier it looked. They had him dressed in a shirt and jeans and it just didn’t look right. So I told myself I would think on it and if I really wanted to I would go back and get one taken. Well I never did which I am ok about but it still would have been cool to say I’ve held a monkey. Maybe next time!! So then we went and I was able to get some cotton candy!!! I was so excited it tasted like it does in America.
 So the first act started right out with these really pretty fluffy white dogs and then all of a sudden the bears came out! Yes that’s right they had bears and to make it even cooler the bears were walking on their hind legs just like a human. It was actually a little creepy to see because it just looked so unnatural and the other girls were convinced it was a human inside a bear suit! They were awesome to see, they would walk, and then it was rolling on a drum type thing on its hind legs and then the dog would run in and out of it.

I was having a blast and just laughing and cheering and I think we were having more fun than all the little kids in front of us. This one little boy just would not stop crying. And I was like, kid get over it, you’re at the circus what could be better?! 

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  1. This is so cool! It's awesome that you got to go! It's crazy that someone can tame those lions. I love the monkey and the bear too.