Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Russian Folk Dance

I was excited because this was our chance to see real Russian dancers and to see the traditional Russian dance where they squat so far to the ground then jump up and kick one leg to the side then go back down and jump up again and kick the other leg out. And they do it several times in a row. Other than that dance I didn’t know what they would have. 

We went to the coat check and started to hand them our jackets and they were trying to tell us to go upstairs and check them in. on to the next floor we went but they told us to keep going upstairs so third floor we went but nope keep going, finally we got to basically the last floor and checked our coats in then the usher lady told us to go up one more flight of stairs and we would find our seats. I was like holy cow we are in like the very tippy top, the nose bleed sections! They even asked if we wanted to purchase some binoculars. Oh man how far up were we sitting?! But once we found our seats i actually really liked them. Yeah they were high up and in the “nose bleed” section but where my seat was it was perfect to see the entire stage and to see all the performers at once. we weren’t allowed to take pictures but we were sitting so far away from everyone and I had such a good angle to get pictures I thought heck yeah I’m taking pictures, I’m only here once so what.
The dancers were amazing and so talented. It was really such a neat experience to watch them perform. It seemed like they were doing a lot of dances from other cultures and to. Like they had what looked like an Asian dance and a Jewish dance and Greek, Spaniards, Russian and so all different sorts. This was nice to break it up every once in awhile.
All in all it was a really good performance and I had a really good time. I was happy to get out and do something cultural!

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