Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So Lithuania was our last stop on our adventure. And too bad it was raining that day but we still hit the streets and did what we could. We went to this museum of Genocide Victims from the Soviet times. It was pretty sad to  read and see everything they had to go through. Usually you just hear about what happened with the the Nazi's and Jews but the same thing happened to people here. They were sent to Siberia and forced to work on labor camps or they were put to death. So it was defiantly interesting to find out some history of Russia. Then it was just some more walking and looking at anything and everything we could see. All in all it was a wonderful "vacation" not much relaxing time! I was defiantly sore and tired by the time we got home and the blisters on the bottoms of my feet proved it, but to look back and go through all my pictures makes all the pain I went through worth it. I still can't believe that I saw 6 countries in 8 days!!

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