Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My heart belongs to Sweden!!

So Stockholm,Sweden was probably my favorite place. It was absolutely beautiful. I loved every minute I was there. I can’t even imagine what it would be like in the pure summer. When we were driving through town we past like four 7-Eleven’s!! Sweet it was the first sign of America we had seen in a long time. We knew we would be going there and seeing if they had slurpes!! Everyone else wanted to go to the museum but we wanted to walk around and see what Sweden had to offer.Who wants to spend their time in a museum when you're in Sweden!

We went and watched the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace. It was cool to see the guards and how precise they were in all their movements. It’s neat to know there are still a Prince and Princess that live in a palace. We didn’t have much time before we needed to get back on the bus so we scoped out what we would do the next day. We did a little more of the city tours with our bus and then we went to check into the hotel and man oh man was it the nicest place I have seen so far on this end of the world. When we got to our rooms I was so happy to have an actual bed and bathroom!!  Then we found out that the breakfast was included and we looked at the dining room and hoped that it would be a big breakfast because we were all on a budget so a big continental breakfast would be great!  We decided to go to the grocery store next door and get something for dinner, it was so nice to go into a place and even though we couldn’t fully read everything it was at least somewhat recognizable to what we have in America. Plus the fact almost everyone is Sweden speaks fluent English so that was nice.  After we got some food for dinner and snacks we headed back to the hotel where we just hung out and talked for awhile. 
We were able to have the entire next day free so we planned on going to IKEA. Yes that’s right IKEA we wanted to go to the one that started it all and have some Swedish Meatballs!! We didn’t know how or if it would be possible but our tour bus driver told us where to go and that there was a free shuttle we could take. FREE shuttle heck yeah we were all over that. It was only about 15 minutes to get there and we headed straight for the Meatballs. They were pretty good not something I would die for but still pretty legit for Swedish Meatballs.  Once we got back into town we just roamed around and tried to take in the sights. There were really neat little streets that had tons of souvenir shops and neat old buildings. Sweden definitely holds a place in my heart and I know I will be back someday. Two days just wasn’t enough to see everything Stockholm had to offer.

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