Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday March 8th

I’ll just make this a quick entry to summarize what happened on this joyous day! Almost from the beginning of this experience I didn’t get along with my head teacher. There was just something about her that I couldn’t get along with and I just tried really hard to ignore things and put it off as we were just two completely different people. I thought I was the only one feeling that way but when me and the rest of the girls started talking we realized we all had the same thoughts and feelings.  The days and weeks went by and things just kept getting harder and harder for me to deal with. Lying, distrust, annoyance, lack of respect and etc. seemed to be a common occurrence between me and her. 
So we found out that on March 4th Casey the ILP director was coming to do his mid semester visit and see how we were doing.  I knew I was going to have to say something to him about how I didn’t think she should be allowed to continue to be here. And I did, when we had our interview I told him my feelings and thoughts about everything that had been going on and what I felt would continue to go on if something wasn’t done.  The others girls did the same thing and Casey told us he would be back the 8th. So we went on our weekend vacation and wondered what the 8th would bring. 
We went into town that day and meet up with him and we had a meeting and he said that ILP was going to send her home and hopefully things would be ok with us and he hoped that we would be able to handle everything without a head teacher. We told him we could do it and we wouldn’t disappoint him or ILP and they could trust us. We were in this together and we were going to prove that we are strong and capable of dealing with a lot of responsibility. Things for me are better now and I feel that I can actually enjoy my time here and do what I came to do which is teach some amazing kids, be in an amazing country and meet some great girls who I hope to stay friends with for a very long time.

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